Digital transformation is a medium to address challenges. There is a critical need to deliver highest-quality; from the creation, curation, packaging to distribution. There is a need for collaborative content production to achieve efficiency in processes and valuable costs.



The International Standard Recording Code
ISRC enables recordings to be uniquely and permanently identified. ISRC helps to avoid ambiguity and simplifies the management of rights when recordings are used across different formats, distribution channels or products. The ISRC for a recording remains a fixed point of reference when the recording is used across different services, across borders, or under different licensing deals.

iCSL has been allocated with ISRC Registrant Codes, this Registrant Code is allocated uniquely for use by iCSL, enabling us to create ISRCs that uniquely identify recordings for which iCSL owns the sound recording copyright.


Innovation and Excellent in Sound

Creating Masters for iTunes
We’re committed to delivering music as the artists and sound engineers intend it to be heard. Housed here are the information and tools necessary to create the highest-quality masters for iTunes. Learn more by reading the Mastered for iTunes technology brief.

iCSL have been certified as Master For iTunes Provider, making us possible to distribute any highest-quality - the most iconic sound - to our associate partners and its consumer worldwide.

Good sound not that loud sound, good sound is presence sound, take all over the room but it's generous to the people... you can feel immediately connected to the interaction, you can feel connected to the room, how people reacting in the room.





joey-alexander 1.jpg

(10 years old jazz pianist) 

JOEY ALEXANDER - sons of the future

Since the beginning of discovery, iCSL has focused on mentoring and coaching young talented people surrounding us, it is the only powerful methods of developing sustainable leaders of the organization, as well to our society.

We are very grateful to JOEY ALEXANDER who kept pushing us and his parents to go through, as his hopes in the early days of a meeting. JOEY giving us a chance to put a believes what he believes. Today, he stood and took the lead. A new generation of the future leaders has been born in Indonesia and the future will constantly wide open. Once again, Indonesia is full of talented people!

At that time Joey and Parents have come to iCSL and looking for partners on the plan of Joey's 1st Music Album production. The momentum of December 29, 2013, has granted us an opportunity producing the presentation of sensational skills and prodigious improvisation, then the world’s borders wide open for both Joey and the Studio itself. At the first two weeks the post reach of 130,000’s viewers on our YouTube Channel, they all come from any corner of the world and it continues moving... from a small dot in the world. From that 'dot' it works fastly bringing Joey Alexander to his first performance “LOVE, LOSS, AND LAUGHTER: THE STORY OF JAZZ”, featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis.

Today, we keep moving on, keeping up us from the vision of enabling Indonesia’s Great Talents to present their amazing Idea and Works. We host a number of world-class productions from PRE to POST and meet-ups where businesses can connect and collaborate with talents across the globe. Focused on building projects of music programs that lead to creative development, leveraging a network of music education, careers, and associate (cultural) communities. It speaks to the shared experiences to The Next Generation.

Born on June 25, 2003, on the island of Bali, pianist Joey Alexander originally learned about jazz from his dad, who exposed his son to a variety of classic albums from his extensive collection. At the age of six, Joey began teaching himself to play piano using a mini electronic keyboard given to him by his father. Joey’s musicianship and grasp of jazz fundamentals developed at a remarkable pace, and at age eight UNESCO invited him to play solo piano for an elated Herbie Hancock during the piano great’s visit to Indonesia. Joey later remarked to Hancock, “You told me that you believed in me, and that was the day I decided to dedicate my childhood to jazz.” At nine, Joey won the grand prize at the first Master-Jam Fest, an all-ages competition in Ukraine which included 200 competitors from 17 countries. By 10, he was performing at jazz festivals in both Jakarta and Copenhagen.An invitation from Wynton Marsalis led to his U.S. debut appearance at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Hall in 2014 where he amazed the audience with his musicality, followed by appearances before the Jazz Foundation of America at the Apollo Theater and the Arthur Ashe Learning Center at Gotham Hall. His 2015 debut album for Motéma Music, My Favorite Things, garnered two GRAMMY Award nominations for “Best Jazz Instrumental Album” and “Best Improvised Solo” for his performance of John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, making him the youngest jazz artist ever nominated for a GRAMMY. Wynton Marsalis says of Joey, “There has never been anyone that you can think of who could play like that at his age. I love everything about his playing– his rhythm, his confidence, his understanding of the music.” Building upon the swing and improvisational style that made his first project a critical and popular success, his new album, Countdown (Motéma) is a reflection of the growth and maturity of Joey Alexander as an artist, and a confident next step toward a limitless future.


- food industries are facing challenging times -


in addition to the Private Label motion PHILPACK was losing its story because of Del Monte rapid expansion.
In order to address reaction to its mass perception, PHILPACK need to re-launch a new line of its HIDING GIANT, not only into the American spirit, but the HERITAGE of the Filipinos Company.
“…We felt the same way. We just kept coming back”

Reinvent the BUKIDNON 100 years of HERITAGE

HERITAGE IS A CONNECTION TO THE PAST; to the people, places and purpose that were there at the beginning. HERITAGE is a STORYTELLING DEVICE, and HERITAGE STORYTELLING is an EMPATHY… it’s SOMETHING POSITIVE, to gaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!


As consumers begin to expect higher quality goods and services, business offerings must find ways to connect and be more “real” to stay competitive. Food products are increasingly being grounded in narratives of history, place, and tradition to accomplish this.

The majesty and beauty of Bukidnon. BUKIDNON a Twinning HAWAII. BUKIDNON home of PHILPACK.

Agility to use of ORIGINAL PURPOSE
PHILPACK 88 years old Farming Expert

How do we ensure that a plantation operating 24 hours a day, spread across a very large area is managed well and able to conform to our established standards?  What does it take to manage an operation of this scale?


Camp Phillips; Welcome to PUROK, Sampaguitav